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Monday, 1 November 2010

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Wooohoo !! Our blog manage to get to the top ten. Now we desperately need your votes. Together, we help SMK Dang Anum to bring back the victory. follow these 5 simple steps.. Here's the thing :

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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Public Speaking Based On theme; extinction threat on orangutans

the winner of the contest

 We didn't give a precise topic to the contestants. Instead, we gave a theme; extinction threat on orangutans. So, they have to deliver their speech based on the theme.

 The winner goes to Nur Syuhada Abbas. It was an interesting speech with great face expression

The present was given out by using the donation that we received from the residents of SMK Dang Anum. (:

The contestants

Friday, 15 October 2010

[ Online Games ] Play With Orang-utans

Super Puzzle
think you're a whiz at jigsaw puzzles? try animalplanet's one

Match The Orang-utans
See how good your memory when you pair the orang-utans

'Famous Orang-utans' Quiz
See how much you know about orangutans that have been in the spotlight and learn why monkey business isn't good business.

How Good Do You Know About Orang-utans?

We went from class to class [selected class]. Ask for permissions from the teachers to do a quiz of orang-utans for the form 3 students

Want Some Proof?

 and here are some pictures we got from this activity. (:

 The face of the winner were here. Guess who...
 Thanks guys for the commitment. We appreciate it very much
Thank you to Muhammad Amirul Azri for helping us reading the questions as all of our group members were too shy. haha !

Interested in taking the Quiz too ? Check this out :

you will learn more after this !

Winner of the Challenge

If you catch up with our previous post you'll know what we're talking about.

By the time we came back there, they were still colouring till the very end (:

Looking at their enthusiasm, we gave them a few minutes more for them to finish their colouring.
 From all these, we picked three.
From the three finalist, we picked the champion !
Congratulations to
Rofahmizi b. Rolin

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Poster Colouring Competition for Special Students

Poster colouring competition was a brilliant idea which actually frosting the join of special students in our school. In the beginning, we discussed with their teachers. The teachers are told about our plan and they agreed to cooperate. We used our group’s money and some donations from other teachers to prepare the things needed; which are posters for the special student to colour. The event director volunteered herself to draw a poster as she was good in art whereas the others helped in making copies and passed down the drawn posters to the teachers concerned.

These are some photos we managed to snap while the special students were colouring.

The winning prizes were sponsored by a lovely couple of Mr Abdul Hadi and Mrs Sariati. (;

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Debate - " Orangutans Should Be Kept in Zoo "

The zoo is a source of childhood amazement and fond memories. Conservationists say zoos advance their educational and preservationist efforts, but others see zoos as prisons where innocent creatures are unjustly held captive. So we had an inter-class Malay debate on the topic “Orangutans should be kept in Zoo” to show our concern about orang-utans as well as for our after PMR activity.
Regarding our inexperienced behaviors, the debate start with a brief explanation from our Bahasa Melayu's teacher, Mr. Zainal about the rules and format of debate. Some of our group members participate in this activity   (:

 Some of the interesting part of the statement from the opposition were:

" Animals should not be kept in zoo. They have right to be free. Humans are keeping them in zoo because they're too harsh in pursuing money! "

but the government proudly replied with:

"In zoo, they received more benefits than harm. We provide them with food and nurture care. We are not taking advantages on any animals, especially orang-utans. When they're doing performance in zoo and increasing the tourists to come, they actually helping their-selves too. With the money they make, we buy food and so many things for them not only for our goods."

 The winner goes to the opposition. However, Ili Khalisah Isa from the government entitled for the title of "The Best Speaker" throughout this debate competition.

Bravo ! Everyone must have enjoyed the competition

Can we do this again, Cikgu Zainal??

Opposition :

Do you believe if they have won a car ? haha ! that was the principal's meyh !